It is often said that a prerequisite for performing at the highest level is a mastery of the basics. Prior to attending Trooper school with the Georgia State Patrol, I knew that if I wanted to perform well in what was expected of me in firearms training, I needed to make sure I had established a good foundation in the fundamentals. I grew up handling firearms of all types but had never experienced the benefits of professional instruction. I met Lee Ovaert through a friend, now also a Georgia State Trooper, and inquired if he would help me develop and hone those fundamental skills. From the very beginning Lee was very attentive to my goals and he understood the importance of a good foundation to build on in my chosen profession. I can say without reservation that Lee is an exceptional firearms instructor and offers invaluable guidance and experience in attaining your desired goals.

TFC Kirk Lund
Georgia State Patrol
Special Operations - SWAT/Dive

   Mr. Ovaert is a fantastic instructor. Shooting has been easy and I could shoot very well, but after his training the change was amazing. My time shooting IDPA drills was half of what it was at the beginning of training. As an 18 year old shooter, it's difficult to find someone that will take you seriously and work with you to improve your skills, but working with him was a pleasure. If you're serious about improving your skills, ranking up in competition, and enjoying the sport, he's your man.

Don Cox II