Training for USPSA and IDPA Competition

Level One

This level covers proper stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control. We also discuss safety rules of the different shooting disciplines. We cover guns and gear to compete at a high level and what kind of ammo to use. We also cover strength training techniques to enhance your shooting skills. This course requires three hours and one hundred and fifty minimum rounds. The tuition for this course is $150.00.

Level Two

Building on what you have learned from level one, we will work on the draw, reloads, as well as strong and weak hand shooting. We will also be shooting on the move...forwards, retreating, and laterally. We will shoot live-fire drills that will increase your speed and accuracy. We will discuss dry-fire techniques that you will practice at home. This course requires two half-days of training and six hundred rounds minimum. The tuition for this course is $400.00.

Level Three

We will set up a course of fire; then analyze the stage to maximize your score. We will shoot moving targets and learn the proper techniques on how to engage them. We will work on shooting around barricades, shooting from the prone position and the kneeling position. We will go over special equipment and mental preparation. This course is two half-day sessions. It requires six hundred rounds minimum. This tuition for this course is $400.00.


Additional Specialty Training Classes

Concealed Carry Class

Learn the techniques that will enable you to carry your handgun with confidence. You will learn to defend your family and yourself with speed and accuracy. This class is two half-day sessions. You will shoot 500-600 rounds. The tuition for this course is $400.00.

Basic Pistol 101

This class is for those individuals that have little or no experience with firearms. Learn gun safety and the basics of marksmanship. This is a three-hour class and you will shoot approximately 150 rounds. The tuition for this course is $150.00.

Steel Challenge Course

This course is to familiarize you with the sport of steel shooting. This sport is fast and furious and a blast to shoot. Learn the techniques and strategies to shoot this match with speed and accuracy. You will be practicing on regulation targets and five different steel challenge stages. Approximately four hours and six hundred rounds are needed for this class. The tuition for this course is $350.00.