Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment do I need to bring?

  •   for each training course, you will need eye and ear protection, your firearm and at least the minimum number of rounds of ammunition.

  •   for the Basic Pistol 101 class, you do not need a holster, magazines and magazine pouches.

  •   for the Concealed Carry and IDPA classes you'll need a holster and a cover garment (long-tail shirt, shooting vest, etc.) that conceals your firearm. (additional IDPA requirements are below)

  •   for the Level 1, 2 and 3 classes, Steel Challenge Course, IDPA and USPSA classes, you'll need a holster and magazine pouch with at least 3 magazines.

2. Who is eligible to sign up for the classes?

  •   this training is available for men, women and juniors (age 12 and older).

Note on holsters: Holsters must be outside belt design; no behind back/small-of-the-back, shoulder or cross-draw holsters.

A.C.T. will provide all targets and target stands for training classes and courses.